The Stransky family

Jan Stránský

Jan was born in 1913 in Brno in the same house in which Lidové noviny were printed. Like his father and grandfather, Jan studied law at Charles University and went on to work for the family paper as an overseas correspondent. More >>


Jaroslav Stránský

Jaroslav was born in 1884 in Brno. After studying law as his father did at Charles University, Jaroslav became deputy head of the National Worker’s Party. More >>

Vynikající řečník Jaroslav S. ministr školství

Adolf Stránský

Adolf was born in 1855 in the town of Habry. He studied law at Charles University in Prague and in 1892 founded the Moravian People’s Party, while serving as a member of Parliament to the court in Vienna… More >>

The reason why they had to flee is the reason I had to return.