This is me

I am glad that I was able to fulfill the dream of my father, who spent his entire life pushing for freedom for the Czech people, and return to Prague in 1990 to our country and our home on Národní street. One circle closed, now another one has been opened. Immediately after my return, I helped our family paper Lidové noviny continue publishing. I revitalized our magazine Přítomnost and the New Presence. I recruited true experts to once again open the world-famous Topič gallery and founded the Policlinic at Národní above it in the same buildings, restored to their art-deco and neo-classic spendor. Adjacent to it we have other professional offices, with the famous pre-war café Národní kavárna reinstated on the ground floor.

As an founder and director of Office of the Ombudsman of Health, Czech Republic I a devote my time primarily to healthcare and to helping our children and seniors. I am active in this regard on the legal front, havingfought for (and winning) key patient rights and care access. While pushing for better care for seniors I am also interested in optimizing education for our children, including introducing the newest neurologically proven best teaching methods.

I am an internist and neurologist. Along with specializing in clinical care and teaching medical students and young doctors, my field is the study of brain function – of how we think and how we decide. Because of my international activities I am also very interested in global medicine and the study of healthcare systems worldwide.

And finally, because of my family, I am proud to be able to uphold and continue in our traditions and activities and to pass them onto not only my children, but to our entire next generation.

I’m a physician, publisher, lecturer and founder of Office of the Ombudsman of Health