With clients

With clients

More than thirty years of practice in various countries around the world and in various surroundings has given me a wonderful opportunity to experience what I would call “the human condition.” I combine my practice with teaching both at Yale and at Charles University in Prague as well as in St. George’s University in Grenada. It’s very exciting for me to teach students in medicine as well as young physicians, since I know that if I influence their thinking and their approach to patients in a positive manner, then that is something that they will carry with themthroughout their practice.

Today, the world of science and medicine is truly a small one, and a trans-global one at that. That’s why I am very interested in looking at various healthcare systems and the provision of healthcare. I advise numerous organizations and leaders in this regard.

However, medicine always starts and ends with people and not systems. As a neurologist, I have been drawn to the study of the function of the human brain and into discovering how we think, how we decide. This is an exciting new field, some call it neurological philosophy. It is a field that will in the end, tell us who we are and what makes us human.

My priority is that patients recieve
and have access to the best care possible.